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Menorcan sandals help buying online

1. Select model: There are three ways to access the different models featured products directly from or through the profiles (female, male, child or baby) and the Offers. In the last two cases you can then filter the different products by different criteria such as Category, the color, size or price.

When you click on a model of Minorcan sandals, will be directed to a new page in all colors and sizes of the model available will appear.

2. Select color, size and quantity: Here you can choose the color, size and pair of sandals Menorcan you want. Once these parameters click 'add to cart'. At this time, you will be redirected / -AA cart to check the status of your purchase.

3. Access to shopping and buy: At any time you can access your shopping cart by clicking 'basket', an icon at the top right of the website. Here you can change the size and pairs of Minorcan sandals and you want to delete your selection.

4. Country and handling: Shipping costs vary according to the country you submitted your order. The price is automatically calculated to select the country and is visible throughout the process. Shipping costs are free from buying a certain number of pairs of Minorcan sandals.

5. Upon payment of the purchase: Choose one of the two payment to buy Menorcan sandals online:

  • VISA: Once accepted the payment order by credit card, MIBO automatically connect with the bank and this confirms that customer data are correct. Just then a summary of the purchase (price and payment, customer data, shipping and delivery) on the website of MIBO will appear. The data transmission card payment will be encoded in a completely secure server environment under SSL 256 bits, so MIBO will not have access to them.
  • PayPal is the most widely used to send and receive money online.

6. Confirm the order: Vents de Migjorn S.L. will send the order confirmation by e-mail in which a phone number is provided to answer any questions.

7. Delivery Cart: Receive their Menorcan sandals in a maximum period of three days in Spain and seven days in other European countries. It is deemed to have made a delivery from the moment in which the carrier report the customer has received the order by the control system of the carrier.

Free Shipping

In Spain to buy 4 pairs or more of Minorcan sandals

Changes up to 15 days

Are not you satisfied with your order? You have 15 days to change without obligation
Privacy Policy

Cosits scooters, S.L. (from now on, Abarcas Menorquians) which operates through this website (, established industrial area, Nave B-6 - 07749 Es Migjorn Gran, Balearic Islands (Spain) informs its its clients Protection Policy Personal Data in accordance with the law of the matter. Menorquinas sandals may amend this policy at its discretion, provided under current legislation.

User data

The user accepts that personal data provided by him or that are provided in the future to Abarcas Menorquinas can be processed in a file of personal data that can be used to create statistics.

Files created with this purpose will be ownership and responsibility of Abarcas Menorquinas. The owner of the data may at all entitled to access to the automated files can also exercise the rights of rectification and erasure of data time. For this purpose, you must send a signed letter by the owner of the data to address social Abarcas Menorquinas indicated at the top of this page, attaching a copy of National Identity Document and indicating the address of the holder in order Menorquinas Abarcas that you submit confirmation of their performance according to your application.

The delivery of the data required by to perform the contracted service is mandatory, and Menorquinas Abarcas refuse service to anyone who does not provide such data.

The consent for the processing and transfer of personal data can be revoked at any time by delivering a written notice to file the address above communication. This communication will be done by sending a letter signed by the owner of the data, indicating your address and enclosing a copy of your ID or NIF.

Currency converter

Prices for web products are defined in Euros. The site uses an automatic currency conversion that provides users with price information in US dollars and pounds sterling. The exchange rates used in currency converter is usually updated daily. These values are merely informative and all payments are made in Euros.

The exchange rate used by the currency converter may not match those that appear in newspapers or financial databases. Exchange rates are generally interbank rates are the wholesale and are not available for retail consumers. Consumers can use as a reference, but should not expect to use interbank rates in areas related to currency conversion transactions. For accessible to consumers contact their financial institution or exchange office nearest exchange rates.