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Anita van Poppel (07/07/2020 14:58)
My English is not too good, but de shoes I ordered last week, and got today (in Holland) are realy PERFECT ! they are very nice, the size is perfect and they are very comfortable . 100% sure I will order some others. I
Jennifer Sadurski (06/02/2020 16:13)
I placed an order on the 26th May 2020, for 4 pairs of Avarcas Sandals, was notified the next day they had been shipped I received them today 2nd June, fantastic speedy delivery, packaged nicely in their own boxes. I couldn’t wait to try them on, oh how happy I was perfect fit. They are beautiful, fantastic quality. I’m so glad I googled Menorca sandals and found this website. I can highly recommend this company, quality product and speedy delivery, 7 days to Ireland, brilliant 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ stars
Petra (08/05/2019 20:12)
Just received my second order and i love them ! . There are many of this kind of sandals out there so you have to realy make sure that you get the best ones and when you buy them here you will get the very best. The fitting is sóóó comfy.The sizing is very accurate and the making absolutely beautiful. And also the shipping is very fast.It takes about 5/6 working day;s to The Netherlands. Super glad i found this company online.Thank you so much for these great shoes.
Susanna Brozzu (05/30/2017 20:32)
I like it, user friendly.
Denise Shields (05/29/2017 18:44)
Fabulous shoes......have been wearing them for 30 years
Carolyn Knowles (05/27/2017 11:03)
It was not very clear to me that to pay you view your basket. Otherwise fine!
Denise (05/21/2017 18:38)
love these sandals.....got my first pair in Menorca 40 years ago
Bordet Christelle (05/21/2017 18:17)
Quite easy to use