The Abarca Sandals Menorquinas MIBO

Menorcan sandals are the traditional footwear of Menorca.

Formerly the footwear that used the rural population of the island, as it was strong and adaptable to the Menorcan countryside. They were made from the hides of cattle, as they were common and readily available materials. The advent of the automobile made to make the sole old wheels were used, although the rest of Menorca is still covered with leather preparing pork or beef, so that only existed in the original color of the skin.

Currently Menorcan sandals in all colors and varied designs are made. Generally they made with leather or cowhide, but can also be processed with fabric, spelled or braided raffia, and now the sole is rubber. However, still they produced in the traditional manner with attention to detail. Sandals are made from size 18 and the smaller sizes have a microporous sole (rubber air-cushioned) to make them lighter.

In recent years, the popularity of sandals Menorca has increased considerably, as a durable, lightweight and comfortable shoes. This has prompted many imitators have appeared to struggle against the Association of Footwear Manufacturers of Menorca and the Island Council, from the creation of distinctive Producte Menorca covers protecting the traditional manufactured on the island.

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