6 Summer looks with Menorcan sandals

6 Summer looks with Menorcan sandals

Summer is the perfect season to showcase fresh and comfortable styles, and Menorcan sandals have become essential footwear to achieve this

Whether you prefer a casual outfit for everyday wear or a more dressed-up ensemble for a special outing, Menorcan sandals adapt to any summer attire and at MIBO we give you the best ideas to wear them in style.

Menorcan sandals, also known as avarcas, are characterized by their flexible rubber sole and leather upper, providing a perfect balance between durability and comfort. Available in a wide range of colors and materials, from classic brown leather to more modern and colorful designs, these sandals allow for a great variety of combinations.

At MIBO, we will give you six summer looks that perfectly complement Menorcan sandals. From casual outfits for strolling through the city to more elegant options for special events, we'll show you how these sandals can become your best ally during the summer season.

What are the best summer looks with Menorcan sandals?

Menorcan sandals are a versatile and comfortable option for summer, and they perfectly adapt to a variety of styles and occasions. From casual looks to more elegant outfits, these sandals offer a plethora of possible combinations that will allow you to look fashionable while enjoying the comfort and freshness they provide.

Casual Look with Lightweight Dresses

A casual and fresh look for summer is to combine Menorcan sandals with lightweight dresses. Cotton or linen dresses, in light colors or with floral prints, are perfect for this combination.

Menorcan sandals, with their simple design and comfortable sole, perfectly complement these dresses, creating a relaxed but stylish outfit. This ensemble is ideal for city walks, market outings, or even an outdoor meal.

Bohemian Style with Long Skirts

For a chic bohemian style, long skirts are an excellent choice to pair with Menorcan sandals. Skirts made from flowing fabrics and vibrant prints, such as flowers or ethnic motifs, enhance the bohemian charm of this footwear.

You can combine these skirts with loose blouses or lace tops to complete the look. Menorcan sandals add a touch of authenticity and simplicity that perfectly balances the outfit.

This style is ideal for summer festivals, beach walks, or casual events where you want to stand out with a relaxed and stylish look. Adding artisan jewelry, like beaded bracelets or long necklaces, can further enhance the bohemian aspect.

Beach Outfit with Denim Shorts

For a beachy and laid-back look, pair your Menorcan sandals with denim shorts. This outfit is perfect for beach days, as it is practical and comfortable. You can add a light t-shirt or a tank top to complete the outfit.

Denim shorts, whether in their classic or distressed version, provide a youthful and carefree air that complements the simplicity of the Menorcan sandals well.

This look is also ideal for outdoor activities, like walks on the boardwalk or picnics. To add an extra touch of style, you can include a lightweight kimono or an open shirt over the top.

Urban Look with Capri Pants

Menorcan sandals can also be part of a chic urban look when combined with capri pants. Capris, with their length above the ankle, are perfect for showcasing the sandals and creating a sophisticated and comfortable style.

You can pair these pants with an elegant blouse or a button-up shirt for a more formal look. Menorcan sandals bring a touch of discreet elegance that makes the outfit suitable for work as well as casual outings.

This outfit is ideal for city days, where you need a look that is practical yet stylish. Add a structured purse and some minimalist jewelry to complete the look.

Elegant Style with Midi Dresses

For more elegant occasions, midi dresses are an excellent option to combine with Menorcan sandals. Those that fall just below the knee offer a touch of sophistication without being overly formal.

Choose dresses with delicate details like lace or pleats to enhance the look. Menorcan sandals, especially in neutral or metallic colors, perfectly complement these dresses, providing a balance between elegance and comfort.

This style is perfect for events such as outdoor dinners, beach weddings, or family gatherings. Complete the look with elegant accessories, such as a clutch and long earrings.

Sporty Combination with Linen Clothing

For a sporty and fresh style, pair your Menorcan sandals with linen clothing. Linen garments, such as loose pants or two-piece sets, are ideal for hot summer days due to their breathability and lightness.

Menorcan sandals complement this look by adding a touch of style without sacrificing comfort. This combination is perfect for outdoor activities, like walks in the park or visits to local markets.

Adding a cotton cap and a lightweight backpack can complete this ensemble, making it ideal for active days. The simplicity and functionality of the Menorcan sandals make them an excellent choice for a sporty look that does not compromise style.

Comfort and versatility for different occasions with Menorcan sandals from MIBO

The Menorcan sandals from MIBO stand out for their perfect combination of comfort and versatility, making them an ideal choice for various occasions. Their ergonomic design and soft materials ensure a comfortable wearing experience throughout the day, adapting to the needs of the wearer.

Whether for a stroll through the city, a day at the beach, or a casual meeting, these sandals offer the support and cushioning needed to keep your feet fresh and rested.

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The Menorcan sandals from MIBO are a wise choice for those looking for footwear that combines comfort and style without compromises. With our attention to detail in design and manufacturing, we guarantee a quality product that adapts to any situation, from relaxing moments to more formal occasions, always ensuring a pleasant and stylish wearing experience.

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