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Frequently asked

What is my size?

To calculate your size, you must measure your foot from toe to heel. Once you have taken the measurement, check the size you are wearing with our size guide.

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your abarcas menorquinas within a maximum of 5 days in Spain and 7 days in the rest of Europe. Deliveries are made on working days.

It will be considered that a delivery has been made from the moment in which the carrier reports that it has received the customer's order through the carrier control system.

Deliveries are processed from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will depend on the country to which the product is shipped:

Shipping costs are free depending on the country of delivery and the number of pairs of abarcas menorquinas you buy.

The shipping price is calculated automatically and is indicated all the process the order process.

Payment of the order

Prices are displayed at all times during the buying process. All prices include tax.

There are two ways of payment for the buy of the abarcas menorquinas:

  • VISA credit card: Once accepted the payment of the order with the credit card, MIBO will automatically connect with your bank and it will confirm that the customer's data are correct. A summary of the transaction (price and method of payment, customer data, shipping costs and delivery time) will appear on the MIBO website. The transmission of the payment card data will be encrypted in a completely secure server under 256-bit SSL protocol, so MIBO will not have access to any customer data.

  • PayPal: It is the most used way to send and receive money through the Internet. The benefits of using PayPal are the following:

  • Aplazame: If you choose this payment method, it should be remembered that Aplazame is only available in Spain for residents with a NIF and a bank account in Spain, so if you are placing the order from a country other than Spain, you will not have the option to select this payment method.

*Example of financing with APLAZAME for a purchase of €200.00 over 12 months and payment begins 30 days after the request. An entry of €16.65 is requested, which the user must pay through their card at the time they carry out the operation. The amount to be financed is the difference between the value of the basket (€200.00) and the entry (€16.65): €183.35. 12 monthly payments of €16.65 are requested. Opening commission: €0.00. INR: 16.19%; APR: 17.45%. Total amount owed: €199.83. Subject to approval by APLAZAME.

Cash price: €200.00; Financed price: €216.48

  • The deferred payment option with Aplazame is only available for purchases over €50

Can I make a change or a return?

You can make changes and returns, for more information visit the section Changes and Returns.

Do we ship to the Canary Islands?

Yes, we ship to the Canary Islands, by regular mail.

What must I do when the payment of my order has been rejected?

You can try to make the purchase again, verifying again your credit card information. You can also try to complete the purchase with another payment method.

Remember that, since January 1, 2021, to make an online purchase, you previously must register the service with your bank, otherwise, the bank itself will deny you the purchase.

For more information about the reasons for payment rejection, please contact your financial institution.

How can I sell your avarcas?

If you are interested in selling our avarcas in your store or wholesale, please contact us by e-mail at mibo@abarcasmenorquinas.com, indicating your name and the location of your business or possible area of interest. We will contact you in 24 hours.

Purchases outside the European Union

If the value of the shipment is less than or equal to 22 euros, it is exempt from both taxes and VAT.

If it is greater than 22 and less than or equal to 150 euros, it is exempt from duty but subject to 21% VAT.

If it is higher than 150 euros, it is subject to a rate (2.5%) and VAT (21%).

The costs of both transport and customs, if a return is made from outside the European Union, will be borne by the customer.

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