Menorcan covers Mibo, authentic origin and passion for what is well done

Mibo, authentic origin and passion for what is well done

MIBO is a Menorcan company situated in Es Migjorn Gran, which is in the center on the southern side of the island with a long tradition in the footwear industry.

The company was founded in 1998 by two menorcan partners called Mr. Miguel Pascual and Mr. Bosco Moll. It is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling Avarcas which are traditional Menorcan shoes. Tourists are captivated by them and the majority take a pair home.

MIBO combines tradition and innovation. Designing, creating and manufacturing with the use of the tradition methodology and modern technology. As the company produces its own products, each client can choose colours-shades and different types of leather to their liking and own clients’ needs.

MIBO guarantees avarcas made in Menorca.

Although, MIBO is a relatively young company, its growing at all levels of production and organization, which has permitted new projects to be set up, being the main exporter of Menorca sandal. In order to, consolidate its production and maintain its place in this industry, as a company of reference regarding Menorcan Avarcas.

The first new creations are 2 collections to the traditional avarcas’, which are called MIBO MENORCA and MIBO VEGAN.

MIBO MENORCA is the line which includes diversity offering different types of sandals, such as a line of high heeled fashion sandals, ballerinas and our “slides” or flat sandals for women and girls which will make you feel enthusiastic due to its simplicity and their extremely comfortable use.

‘MIBO VEGAN’ is a line we will make using materials which are not animal based or has been tested on, which is targeted for delicate skin and those who suffer from allergies.

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