Menorca, Biosphere Reserve, the paradise where the MIBO Avarcas are born

Menorca, Biosphere Reserve, the paradise where the MIBO Avarcas are born

Menorca, this is the natural paradise where Avarcas Mibo was born, in Es Migjorn Gran, right in the center of our beautiful island.


UNESCO declared Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve on October 8, 1993, a distinction that recognizes the high degree of compatibility between the development of economic activities, the consumption of resources and the conservation of a heritage and a very rich traditional rural landscape that It has maintained an exceptional quality until today. The harmony with which they have lived, throughout the times, the Menorcans and their natural environment have made the island a unique environmental corner. Menorca hosts one of the last best preserved natural landscapes in the Mediterranean and also exhibits a remarkable diversity of habitats, in which species of animals and plants live only in the island, some of them in danger of extinction.


In addition, the coast of Menorca enjoys the Mediterranean Sea in its most intense turquoise, with its clean and transparent waters, and its beautiful beaches, so different between the north and the south. The Migjorn region, to the south, with its limestone, offers us wide beaches of clear and fine sand; Meanwhile, the Tramuntana region, to the north, is formed in a mosaic of folded and fractured rocks, combining its reddish, greenish and gray tones to offer us a landscape of wild stone full of contrasts, with a trimmed and rugged coast that frames its beautiful beaches between cliffs. A beautiful diversity that Menorcans and visitors strive to care for and maintain.

Its core is the natural park of l'Albufera d’es Grau. This protected natural area includes a great diversity of environments, wetlands, agricultural and livestock lands, forests, a coastline with cliffs and beaches, islets and marine areas. In addition, the Albufera des Grau is included in a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI in Spanish) and is part of the Xarxa Natura 2000.

The main axis of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve is sustainability: present and future generations must continue to enjoy the resources and their rich landscape, without compromising their conservation, carrying out sustainable management, as well as educating for the conservation of the island. One of its main objectives is to promote the natural and cultural values of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve as one of its development engines, promoting a use compatible with its conservation.

The knowledge of the cultural and environmental wealth of our island is fundamental for our company. In Avarcas Mibo we promote local products and handicrafts, promoting the attraction of tourism markets linked to sustainable tourism, integrating it and favoring the local, circular and inclusive economy to move towards sustainable development. We also promote the preservation of Menorca Biosphere Reserve, separating our waste and treating them in the appropriate way, developing increasingly sustainable systems that minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

The treatment of our waste and all of Menorca is carried out at the Milà waste treatment plant. In November 2015, the project for the new facilities of this plant that has been operating on the island since the late 80’s began in Menorca. This renovation is based on the application of technical improvements that prioritize the proper treatment of organic waste and the separation of the rest of waste (cardboard, aluminum, iron, plastics ...). As a distinctive fact, the project contemplates the use of part of the rejection as recovered solid fuel (CSR).

However, for Menorca's waste management model to be truly complete, it must be complemented by the implementation of more separate collection systems, since citizen participation is an indispensable condition to ensure good results. Menorcan society has been essential for the preservation of Menorca and that is why we also need the support of visitors, since together we can contribute to maintain sustainability on our island and make possible a development and a coexistence respectful with the environment .

You can also collaborate in the development of our island. Buy local products, separate the waste and help us preserve the paradise where the Mibo Avarcas are born.

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