Wear your Minorcas also in Winter

Wear your Minorcas also in Winter

Fall, that season which is made of innovations and comebacks, new opportunities and re-encounters. For me, this season is synonymous with tranquility, wind, evenings close to the fire with a guitar, pleasure of the warm after a lot of time looking for fresh. Have you seen Minorca’s colors in fall? Ochres and oranges, they’re travelling by the wheat and live floors, between holm oaks and intense green pines, under the warm beige on the south and the reddish tones on the north, over the dark rocks form the east and the vibrants blues on the sea.


Minorca keeps present in fall, with its tramontane and the waves breaking against the rocks, trying to go until the lighthouses that are around it. I love that sensation of welcoming roars while I photograph its incredible views from all of its angles. That’s why, this year I’m going to keep wearing with Minorcas every year. Do you wanna know how I’ll do it? Come with me and I’ll tell you!

Reinvent the Minorquian avarcas

From Avarcas Mibo have been working for you can wear with Minorcas every year. But, how to become this summer footwear in a good choice for Winter? Well, today I bring you the result: the Winter minorquian avarcas. They’re great! They have converted in the best option to keep wearing my minorquians on Winter, inside home and out of home alike, without have any cold and with their comfort as always.

Yes, yes, you have read well, you can use them also out of home! Because they’re not just sandals, but its avarca sole allows you can wear it on the street and keep your feet so warm without avoid to wear you minorquian avarcas. Also, we’ve models for everyone!

The perfect model for you and yours

The Winter avarcas collection from Avarcas Mibo count with four different models, available in several colors. Sure you’re going to find what you're looking for!

Hiddenita, woman model with platform, fit perfectly with women that are looking for an informal and good-natured style. Combine the principal avarca’s color in the sole, give it an original and funny touch. You’ll find them on Black Crostina, Gray, Nude, Light Yellow and Brown.



Rodonita, the child model with a super light sole, soft and comfortable, they were thought for their little feet. Available from 24 to 33 sizes in the following colors: red, sea blue, and dark Brown. They’ll never be going to take them off!​null

Ilmenita, elegance and special Winter wedge version. This model provides extra comfort because it has a 4 centimeter’s little heel. Perfect for those women that look for an extra comfort in the classic colors: gray, Brown, and the beautiful Crostina Nude.



Euclasa, model for men because boys also want they Winter avarcas. Its ergonomic sole converted them in a comfortable footwear and warm sandals that they’ll also wear out of home. They’re available on Black Crostina, Gray and Brown.



All the Avarcas Mibo come totally clad in sheepskin: as the insole, as the front part, and the back part. All the avarca is covered by this skin soft, warm and smooth that you’ll love, I promise you! Try them and keep feeling Minorcas on your feet during cold months with this new Winter avarcas collection. You’ll adore them!

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