How to choose the right avarcas for the little ones

How to choose the right avarcas for the little ones

I’ve passion for foot. Lasts, backstichs, skins and soles that make beautiful all of our steps. That’s why, since I was young I direct my career to this world. Doing this, I discover my foot love shouldn’t be just an esthetic affair, but we should keep healthy whose are our faithful supports during our lifeway. It’s so fundamental!


Working hard, creating and polishing all kind of styles and models, always based on my knowledge about foot forms and moves, but when I became in father understand about its importance. My children’s feet, as all children’s, were growing up constantly. This make so important to know choosing well the size and lasts, it makes to children have the right shoes for any step.

Therefore, today I have decided explain you about keys that my experience gave me to choose the best shoes for children. Do you want to know them?


Choose the right size

We’ve to pay attention and choose the best size have the same importance to choose a good shoe for the correct feet development, avoiding negative consequences, because of a big shoe as a small shoe.

Shoes have to loose-fitting, but not too much, due to if they are too big it’s going to cause that children drag their feet, fall over and walk in a non-properly way, altering their way to walk, causing instability or even causing blisters. The most appropriate is between a half or one centimeter, always keeping in mind the growth step’s boy or girl and the shoe type.

In the case of menorquian sandals, the size has to fit tight without being small for foot inside the sandal be secured and attached, in a proper way to the footprint. Also, in Avarcas Mibo we have several models with velcro fastener in case of you wish more comfort and security.



The Official College of the Podiatrist Colleges from Spain tell us how we should measure the children’s foot. “You need to put a sheet on the floor, make the child impress his or her footprint barefoot, putting him or her tiptoe and going down. You have to mark with a pencil the toe’s tip (in the longer toe that could be the “hallux” or big toe or the second) and the heel. It would be measured with a rule. This measure is done with both feet because we always have a foot bigger that the other one. To the larger foot measure we’ve to add 1 cm. Also, we have to take to the Shoestore a meter that we can introduce inside the shoe to verify that this measure is correct. The child has to try the shoe with the socks.”

Adding to this, there you have the Size Guide from Avarcas Milbo, for your consultation always you needed. Not only for adults, it’s available for kids also.



Remember as well that is better taste the footwear in the evening or at the end of the day, when feet are more pompous, and putting on foot, because on this way your weight is correctly carrying on over your feet. It allows you verify easier If that size is correct for you.


Keeping in mind about the children’s growth

Did you know that small shoes are the most common cause of growth diseases? Children feet are always growing, more specifically 8 millimeters per month until 10 years ago they’d have been reached the 80% of their adult size. By this reason, the children’s foot size increasing so fast and their shoes become so small for them quickly.

However, purchasing footwear just keeping in mind the price because they’ll leave shoes so fast is not a healthy option for ther small feet. It’s so important to invest in the footwear quality, although, hey! Expensive footwear isn’t the best quality shoes.

Footwear always should accompany the feet natural development, therefore we should control their feet growth before the shoe don’t fit anymore. Bear in mind that children, specially the little ones have an elasticity on their toes, so, this can make us more difficult realize about any difference. Do you want to know about how to be attending this? Well, firstly, you should touch their feet when their were wearing shoes. If you can touch them It means that they shrink their shoes, this’s beacuse shoes doesn’t fit well. In case of Avarcas Menorquinas is even easier: if their toes going out in the front part of the Avarca, they need a new ones.


Advisable Materials


Materials are also an important criterion that we have to keep in mind. On the top they’ve to be soft, specially on the instep and the heel zone, also have to tough the abrasion and wear. That’s why always that be possible, it’s advisable choose models that had been manufactured with natural materials, being the skin, without doubt, the most advisable material. Even inside! Skin liners are breathable and fast-dry, which brings benefits to the feet’s growth.

Refer to the sole, they should offer you the maxim flexibility without losing grasp. Thus, the best is always choose the light sole from TR or rubber as ours which isolate and provide security.




Lasts, the good shoe’s secret

All good shoe start with a good last, it has to adapted perfectly to each people’s feet. This’s so important at each age, but specially on children, because his growth could be affected.

Childish footwear have to be wide at the top and don’t have to be oppressive it means that footwear has to allow feet’s toes open and move, also it has to be easily adjusted, whether if it’s with a fastener or it’s adapted to their feet in a comfortable way. Choose a model that can easily adapt to the kid’s driving force, protecting them but without limits their moves. This aspect is a key to allows their correct psychomotor development, respecting physiology and feet’s biomechanics.




For babies: comfortable and light

When your baby will give its first steps (between 10 and 12 years old, approximately) you should to pay attention to choose with a flexible sole, that can be adapted to the footprint. You can verify its comfortable if you fold it with your hand. I recommend choosing always natural materials that favor the transpiration, as skin and natural clothing.



Also, they should be light, that allow children give their first steps easily without tire their musculature out, with a stable structure, specially on the ankle, due to they’ll need help to hold their body, and with a wide last that benefit the child’s morphological growth, being always from their exact measure and size.

Definitely, they’ve to feel a barefoot sensation.


The most important thing: shoes are not for heritage

Everybody’s footprint is different, that’s why sharing footwear or wear another person’s footwear (cousin, bother, sister, friend) isn’t an advisable option, due to every child stamp their own footprint, their way to walk into the footwear. This distortion or previous modulation in the shoe can influence the child’s way to walk, even cause development problems.

These are advices that I’ve been accumulating with my experience. What they would you like to use? I hope they can help you the next time you go to purchase your child’s avarcas, finding with this the best model for him or her and helps in his or her development. Don’t doubt, if you aren’t sure, you can ask in our store or web page, we’ll charmed to help you find the perfect shoe.

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